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Frequently asked questions

Cataract is a clouding that develops in the Natural lens of the eye or in its envelope, varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light. Our eye works like a camera where light from various objects passes through clear cornea and clear natural lens, so as lens start getting clouded and our vision starts getting blurred even, we can see but quality of vision gets bad. As lens get more clouded (mature) our vision deteriorates further.

Cataract should be operated as soon as possible, you should not get cataract to get mature as more you delay, it gets hard, and chances of complications increases. With modern cataract surgery recovery is amazingly fast if surgery is done at right time.

IOLs (Intraocular Implants) are commonly called lenses. They are of two types

1. Old type Non foldable IOL which are of rigid material – goes through large incision, not used in modern day surgery
Latest FOLDABLE IOLs / lenses- Soft Acrylic material goes through small incision. they are of two types: Mono focal & Multifocal

2. Mono focal Foldable lenses: where your distance vision is corrected but you need to wear glasses for near vision. Among Mono focal ASPHERIC lenses gives you much sharper vision. PREMIUM TORIC LENSES can correct your high cylindrical number, they are the best lenses in Mono focal Lenses.

BIFOCAL & TORIC BIFOCAL Lenses corrects Distance and near vision, but still Reader may be required. TRIFOCALS & TORIC TRIFOCALS, EDOF & TORIC EDOF LENSES are the BEST & latest premium lenses which gives good distance, Intermediate vision and decreases dependency on near vision.

Lenses are of Hydrophilic material or Hydrophobic material. Hydrophobic lenses cause less posterior capsule opacification (After Cataract) hence they are better.

We live in a digital-first world where the mobile phone has become our important companion. However, too much screen time can cause fatigue in your eyes. It is important to keep the eyes healthy.

Consuming leafy and green vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard greens can improve your eye health. You can perform simple eye exercises to strengthen the muscles of your eyes. Yoga exercises, when performed regularly, result in boosting your vision.

The blue light emitted from digital devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones can cause headache and eye strains. Blurred vision, dry eyes, shoulder pain, and neck pain are some of the symptoms of digital eye strain.

You should make use of spectacles that filter the blue light and do not let it affect your eyes. Blink at regular intervals and take frequent breaks when using digital devices. It is recommended to limit the usage of digital devices to improve the health of your eyes.

Eye examination is very important in young children. If one notices that his or her child is having difficulty in seeing objects like blackboards or television, eye rubbing, watering, or squinting it indicates that the child might have a refractive error. Abnormal watering, discharge or white reflex in eye should also be brought to the notice of your eye doctor.

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