Shekhar Eye Centre has set the benchmark in Retina Care. With our expert team of doctors and healthcare professionals, we constantly work towards providing the best treatment to our patients. Our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced Surgical procedures distinguish us in the field of Retina Care. At Shekhar Eye Centre it all begins with hope. We have treated many patients when conventional medicine has not yielded the desired results, changing their lives for the better.



    Improving quality of life by improving vision.


    We will strive to ensure high level patient satisfaction by providing comprehensive eye care of the best quality to every patient through compassionate and ethical approach regardless of his social and economical standing.


    Shekhar Eye Centre is committed to total patient satisfaction through excellence in eye care, continual improvement and affordable services.


    The working of Shekhar Eye Centre is entirely ethical and transparent, directed towards affordable healthcare, without any discrimination of caste, race, religion or creed.


    • To enhance patient satisfaction levels
    • To minimize deficiencies in patient care and support activities
    • To increase the competencies and skills of personnel
    • To maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment

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    Operating Rooms

    Our Operating Rooms offer a warm environment that fosters innovation, strives for excellence, nurtures respect for others, and ensures accountability in delivering best care to our patients. Care to learn more about our Operating Rooms? Get in touch with us today to hear more about what we can do for you and your family.

    Waiting Areas

    Shekhar Eye Center is a Hospital that has been providing convenient, affordable healthcare to the area it serves since 2021. Our outstanding and well equipped medical facilities have allowed us to excel at what we do, and become well known eyecare centre  in North Delhi. Patients and visitors all find the true benefit in our Waiting Areas, and recommend our medical facilities to all.

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